"This is Not Merely a Martial Arts School"
"This is not merely a Martial Arts school but it seems to us that you are striving to provide and groom a well rounded student giving them the self confidence they need, helping them set short & long term goals & at the same time teaching them common courtesy, respect & caring/sharing.
I do not know of many schools that would go to such lengths and take such personal interest in their students and their well being. We have seen a considerable difference in Sachin’s attitude since he started at your school about 2 years ago.."

S. Goradia, Edison, NJ


Sensei Mark,

Just wanted to drop you an email to thank you and all the Sensei’s for their terrific work with my son, Philip.  He's learned so much, and I can't imagine how he would be without the training your school has provided to him.

I also wanted to thank you for helping me out with my work as a scientist.  In our laboratory, we study people's movements through a space, that is,
their locomotion.  I was inspired by your chalked sword technique from the "Samurai Skirmish" at the beach and was able to develop a new research paradigm for our experiments.   That is, we have a computer record people's movements while they are avoiding being chalked by foam swords.  It's been a tremendous success and a great advance for our field of study, and it wouldn't have happened except for Philip's taking classes at your school. So thanks again for your teaching and inspiration.

Dr. Elizabeth Mezzacappa


“…my self-confidence has grown tremendously…”

I have made many friends.  I have developed an ability to assess different situations and act accordingly.  My parents enrolled me at Kaizen Martial Arts because they wanted to keep me safe and learn how to protect myself.
The lessons that I have learned are how to be more respectful and responsible at home and outside.  I learn so much while having fun and making friends.
I am really happy that my parents have given me this chance to be a part of Kaizen Martial Arts.

- Katrina S. Age 11, Piscataway, NJ

"...To instill very strong values like trust, the importance of trying, discipline and respect..."
As parents, we really appreciate only the physical skills that Anirudh gets to learn at the karate class, but especially when the instructors gather the kids in a huddle to instill very strong values like trust, the importance of trying, discipline and respect.
We are very proud that Anirudh is a part of Kaizen Martial Arts and would highly recommend this school to every parent who is looking to make a difference in the life of their child.

 - Nistala R. & Aruna T. Edison, NJ

1506 Stelton Rd. (2nd Floor)
Piscataway, NJ 08854

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