Black Belt Fast Track Program (FTP)

Is it possible to achieve a Black Belt in 1 year?

Most people will think that the answer is no.

The Free Dictionary defines Black Belt as: The rank of expert in a martial art such as judo or karate.

This is what most people think a Black Belt is, but in reality, there are degrees of Black Belt ranging from 1st Degree Black Belt to 10th Degree Black Belt and each style has its own curriculum requirements for each rank.

There are two paths that I am going to talk about. The path of the Martial Artist, and the path of Self Defense.

The Martial Artist path includes some self defense, but these programs are more focused on the trappings of the martial arts: bowing, nomenclature, ettiquette, and other traditions of the martial arts.

The Self Defense path focuses on learning how to protect oneself without being bogged down by the above trappings.

The Kaizen Black Belt Fast Track Program (FTP) is not a short cut and definitely not for everyone. This is a 12 month program where each month the student will spend a minimum of 16 hours with a qualified FTP Instructor.

This program is also supported through our online education Student Member Area.

Each month, the student will be given access to their curriculum for that month in PDF form that they can download. The month is broken down week by week and what material will be covered. The student will also be able to view the videos of the material they will learn during that month to help them get a better grasp of the material, or just for review.

At the end of 12 months, providing that the student has completed the mandatory 192 class hours (16 hours per month) of instruction and training, and can demonstrate a firm grasp of the material...they will be promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt in the Kaizen Martial Arts Black Belt Fast Track Program.

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