Partial Art

Ever think that there has to be more? I have spent the majority of my Martial Arts Career looking for answers because when I started...I did consider my martial art a partial art.

Mark Kline

Grandmaster Mark Kline

8th Dan Master Instructor

Ryukyu Kempo / Kyusho Jitsu

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Mark Kline Pressure Point Technique

Mark Kline is the first person in the world to have earned individual Black Belts from world renowned Grandmasters George Dillman, 10th Dan, Professor Wally Jay, 10th Dan, and the late Remy Presas, 10th Dan. He currently owns and operates 2 martial arts schools in Central New Jersy. His first school was founded in 1991.

Master Kline continues his education and research into Ryukyu Kempo and Kyusho Jitsu. He currently teaches seminars all over the world, travelling to Europe several times per year.

If you would like more information about hosting a seminar, please contact Mark Kline directly by clicking here.

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Specialty DVDs, Live Seminars, Books

New Release


Kyusho Drills 2

28 More Dynamic Drills to Enhance Your Kyusho Skills.

Learn how to find the points while in motion. An excellent addition to your arsenal!!





Special - Buy Kyusho Drills 1 & 2 for only $99


Double Impact 2011

- Extreme Tuite- Kline
- Kyusho & MMA 1 - Rooks
- Kyusho & MMA 1 - Kline
- Kyusho & MMA 2 - Rooks
- Kyusho & MMA 2 - Kline
- Yang Sounds- Rooks
- Kata Naihanchi 3 - Kline
- Kata Naihanchi 3 - Rooks
- Kata Hakutsuru - Kline
- Kata Hakutsuru - Rooks
- Yin Sound - Rooks
- Power of the Mind - Kline

**Bonus - Kyusho Healing - Rooks

13 Sessions - 4+ hours of Live Training in the Powerful Art of Kyusho


Reg $199

On Sale now for $99 (limited time)

Double Impact 2010

Double Impact 2010

- Kyusho Drills - Kline
- Pre-Emptive Kyusho- Corn
- Striking for Better Tuite- Kline
- Multiple Point Striking- Corn
- Tuite Flow-Kline
- Extreme Tuite- Corn
- Kata Sanchin-Kline
- Kata Sanchin- Corn
- Kata Gojushiho - Kline
- Kata Gojushiho - Corn
- Kyusho Stick Fighting - Kline
- Kyusho Knife Self Defense - Corn

12 Sessions - 5 hours of Live Training in the Powerful Art of Kyusho

Reg $199

On Sale now for $99 (limited time)

Kyusho Groundfighting

Kyusho Groundfighting +

- Ground Work Drills

- Ground Fighting

- Takedowns

- Catching Kicks


- Chi Kung Exercises

- Energy Disruptions


On Sale Now for $99 (Limited Time)



Kyusho Austria - Live Seminar

Filmed in Salzburg, Austria. Approx 2 hours Instruction in the Deadly Art of Kyusho

This DVD covers, Energy Disruptions, Takedowns & More!





Striking for Better Tuite & Tuite Flow Drills

Filmed at the International Kyusho Convention (IKC) in Darmstadt, Germany Nov 2010.

Enhance your art with these dynamic drills.




Mark Kline Kyusho Drills

Kyusho Drills

31 Drills to Enhance Your Kyusho Skills.

How you can get to points all over the body quickly and effectively. Train your body and mind!!


Mark Kline Kyusho Self Defense

Kyusho Self Defense

Filmed live in Ronchi dei Legionari, Italy, Mark Kline demonstrates the following Kyusho Applications with devastating effects.

* Attacking Head Points

* Attacking Leg Points

* Knife Self Defense

* Miscellaneous Attacks

Practicing the applications on this 2 hour 15 minute DVD can help you protect yourself and your loved ones.


Mark Kline Kyusho with Elbows and Knees

Kyusho w/ Elbows & Knees

How to use Elbows & Knees to Disable an Attacker QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY with Devastating Effects




Mark Kline special 1



Mark Kline Kin Ken

Kata Kin Ken

(Golden Fist)

Originally one had to be a 5th Dan before being introduced to this deadly kata. This is a collaborative effort with 4 of the most sought after Kyusho instructors in the world:

Jim Corn * Mark Kline * Evan Pantazi * Gary Rooks

Each instructor breaks down this deadly kata in their own unique way


Mark Kline Kin Ken

Kin Ken Live Seminar

Filmed Live in June 2008 in Ronchi dei Legionari, Italy. Master Kline teaches Kata Kin Ken along with the applications from this deadly / controversial Advanced Kata.
Approximately 90 minutes.



Mark Kline Kin Ken $249

Mark Kline Hakutsuru white Crane

Hakutsuru Mei

A collaborative effort brought to you by 3 of the worlds most sought after Kyusho Instructors:

Evan Pantazi * Gary Rooks * Mark Kline

Each instructor breaks down this deadly kata in their own unique way

Mark Kline Collaboration Special $299


International Kyusho Convention

IKC 2008 Vol 1

Volume 1

Sold Out!!!!


International Kyusho Convention

IKC 2008 Vol 2

Volume 2

Limited Supply Left

Volume 2 Includes:
Gary Rooks * Mark Kline
* Evan Pantazi * Jim Corn
* Ricardo Gama
* Dr. Sergio Espejo
* Maurizio Degano

Mark Kline Collaboration Special $398

Mark Kline Kyusho Principles

Principles of Kyusho Jitsu - Vol 1

The Principles shown in this dynamic dvd will enhance any technique that you do...regardless of style.

* Posture * Minimize Motion * Attack Yin/Yang

* Tighten the circle * Touch Points vs. Hit Points

* Attack the Cycle of Destruction


Mark Kline Pressure Point Seminar 2006

Intro to Kyusho - Live

Filmed Live in November 2006 in Ronchi dei Legionari, Italy. in this 90 minute DVD, Master Kline teaches Resuscitation techniques, KO’s. Dynamic drills and more. English with real-time Italian translation   $45

Mark Kline Tuite Grappling

Tuite (Grappling Hand) Live Seminar

Filmed Live in June 2008 in Ronchi dei Legionari, Italy. Master Kline teaches you how to use Tuite (grappling hand) with the limbs to make the head pressure points
accessible for control or KO. English with real-time Italian translation. Approximately 45 minutes.

Mark Kline Live Pressure Point Seminar

Lunedi Live Seminar

Filmed Live in November 2008 in Ronchi dei Legionari, Italy. Master Kline teachers you to use Kyusho in your takedowns and joint locks using Kyusho and Ryukyu Kempo principles. English with real-time Italian translation. Approximately
30 minutes.

Mark Kline Spain Live Seminar

Barcelona Live

Live Seminar in Barcelona, Spain, July 2007. Training drills, pressure point targeting, & more. Filmed over 2 days of training! English with real-time Spanish translation. Over 1 hour 30 minutes of instruction!   $45

Mark Kline Venice

Dolo, Italy Live Seminar (near Venice)

Live Seminar in Dolo, Italy (near Venice). Mark Kline detailing specific drills to target the weak points (Kyusho - Pressure Points of the Human Body). Over 45 minutes of instruction!!  


Mark Kline Live Pressure Point Seminars 2009

Tour Italiano Nov 2009

6 City Teaching Tour - Rome, Treviso, Udine, Ronchi dei Legionari, Dolo, Udine.

Filmed Live in November 2009 in a 6 city Teaching Tour of Italy (Rome, Treviso, Udine, Gorizia, Lignano, & Dolo). Mark Kline gives you 2 hours of hard hitting Kyusho Training. Includes many KO's!!



Mark Kline France Seminar

Kyusho Attacks to the Arms, Head & Legs

Filmed Live in Thonon-les-Bains, France. My First DVD with French translation.

1.5 hours running time...approx

Kyusho Attacks to the Arms, Head, & Legs



Mark Kline Kyusho Boxing

Jab Punch Throw

Mark Kline teaches you the "Sweet Science" of Boxing, combined with Pressure Point Self Defense to form an incredible workout that is second to none and a surefire KNOCKOUT!!  


Mark Kline Escaping Techniques

The Great Escape

Shifting Body Positions to escape common joint locks.

Master Kline teaches and demonstrates simple yet effective ways to escape from common joint locks.



Mark Kline JPT Special



Gary Gione NYPD Kyusho Gun Techniques

Kyusho Gun Techniques

3 Reasons why People Get Shot......... And what you can do about it.


* They have never shot a gun.
* They have never been shot at or had a loaded gun pointed at them...FOR REAL!
* They were not trained by a firearms expert who has had years on the front lines (police, military, etc.)

Master Gary Gione Lt. NYPD (Ret.)
With over 20 years experience in real life encounters on the streets of NY.Involved in over 5000 arrests.... teaches:
Kyusho Gun Techniques.
- 60+ minutes of techniques in real time and slow motion



- Bonus Material Difficult situations / positions
- Live (using paint balls (Similated Ammo)) techniques to trace the path of the bullet 


Mark Kline 100 year old jujitsu book

25 Lessons in Official Jujitsu (1905)

"Take a Journey Back in Time!"

This book was originally written in 1905 and detailed the 25 lessons as taught by Dr. G. Kikuta. This treasure has been preserved in its entirety with all 82 original images cleaned up and ehanced for the next 100 years of its existence. At the end of each chapter, Mark Kline has added his expertise in the art of Kyusho Jitsu (Pressure Point Fighting) with new charts and point locations identified to make this book even more valuable!

Mark Kline Book

Mark Kline Curriculum

Kaizen Martial Arts School Curriculum

Each DVD (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) is broken down into 4 Semesters (Kata, Self Defense, Kicks, Ground Fighting). These DVDs contain the core elements taught at the Kaizen Schools.